You Will Only Be Your Best If You Have FAITH!

If you don’t think you deserve to be as good as possible, how could you achieve what you say you hope to achieve? The reality is that you will be the best only if you really believe strongly in your abilities, ideas and self-esteem! After more than four decades of seminars and personal development training, I am convinced that there is usually a direct correlation between how we see ourselves and how we work and go through life! With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, investigate, analyze, and discuss, using a mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is important.

  1. Look into the eyes of the facts; The future Provide; Fruit Feelings: too many of us resort to denial, although we would be better off if we took the time to face the facts truly introspectively! How do you want to see your future and what are you willing to do to achieve it? However, it is important not only to visualize this, but also to create a personal strategy to pave the way for achieving your goals! It usually takes perseverance to make a plan come true! Never forget your feelings, find out and openly and honestly identify your strengths and weaknesses!
  2. Attitude; Relevance Articulate; Warning; Smart; Action/Action Plan: In order to become the best in your class, you need a positive and knowledgeable attitude combined with the relevant skills and competencies! You should never be afraid to express what you feel and believe, but you should do so only after careful consideration and understanding! Do you constantly pay attention, work wisely and develop a strategic action plan? Do you use this plan to develop your actions?
  3. Honesty; Ideas Imagination/image; Innovate Introspection: Maintain personal integrity, but never stop using your imagination to develop ideas that can make you happier and better! You must love your personal image, upside down, and be ready to move forward with deep, relevant and true introspection!
  1. True; Trends Timely; proved: don’t lie to yourself! Tell yourself the truth, whether you like it or not! To do this, it is important to act consciously and in a timely manner and constantly learn from all the time-tested knowledge that you can get from the past!
  2. Head/heart; Healing/health; A man; Happiness/Happiness: Will you evolve and use/continue effectively in a way that balances the best aspects of your emotional and logical components using head/heart balance? Is your lifestyle healing and positive for your health and well-being? Will you preserve the best aspects of your humanity to treat others consistently and humanly? What increases your personal happiness and what makes you constantly happy?
  3. Will you have such a personal FAITH, in your self-esteem, to be the best you can do? How much do you care?
  4. Richard ran the business, was chief operating officer, CEO, development director, consultant, organized professional events, advised thousands of people, and organized personal development seminars for 4 decades.
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