Will You Do Your Personal BEST?

After more than four decades of engaging in the personal development of others, providing diverse dimensions and goals in terms of programming/presentation, etc., as well as guidance, I have come to the conclusion that while many say they want their personal BEST, but few seem to go ahead with a conscious plan to achieve this goal. The reality is that it doesn’t happen, it requires effort, discipline, concentration, dedication and planning! With this in mind and because the willingness to be so critical to our overall health, well-being and personal success (whatever that means personally to you), this article will attempt to briefly consider, explore, analyze and discuss the idea/concept using the mnemonic approach, and why it is important.

Benefits; Beliefs Better (every day); Bring this: if we do everything we can to become the best we can be, the potential benefits to our overall health and well-being are enormous! Only when we explore ourselves deeply, from neck to bottom, will we understand our priorities, goals, perspectives, strengths and weaknesses and beliefs! To do this, the process must be phased, with the aim of improving every day! Don’t do it randomly, but do your best and maximize your personal skill consistently and carefully!

  1. Accent; Energy/energize; Effort Your Excellency; Endurance: How should you consider and determine your personal priorities? Doesn’t it make sense to show your greatest energy, to make yourself conscious and energetic for productive work? When we understand what efforts will lead us to achieve the highest degree of personal perfection, and we begin to demand it from ourselves and adapt, continuing to move forward with considerable endurance, with the potential for improvement, etc.

Resolution/solutions; To serve Strengths/ Stronger; Choice: Our personal choice usually has a big impact on our overall performance, etc! It is important to strive to solve any problems and continue to use thoughtful and viable strategies, actions and solutions! This only serves our interests if we understand both our strengths and weaknesses and use our strengths effectively to address weaknesses! The goal should be to make us stronger and better!

Timely; Time-tested Tell the truth; Trends: Never put off for later, because procrastination rarely helps solve problems! It is better to act consciously and in a timely manner, taking advantage of plans, benefits, etc. time-tested, etc. and achieve personal results!

Do you want to demand and try your best? What could you do to get the most out of it, etc.?

Richard ran the business, was chief operating officer, CEO, development director, consultant, organized professional events, advised thousands of people, and organized personal development seminars for 4 decades.

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