This is a modern city in Hanok because it is not in the traditional sense, but looks traditional. It’s a great way to take some beautiful photos and visit a Hanok village in Incheon or Songdo if you only 오피스텔 visit a stopover. After visiting the Tri Bowl, take the time to go to the G-Tower. There are many small businesses in this tower, but the observatory platform is the most popular place to visit tourists.

Here the market was formed in the 19th century when foreigners came to trade goods. Your only reason to visit this market is Korean street food. Spicy rice cake, kimbap, kimchi, fried chicken, try everything the market stalls have to offer. This creative architectural building is built with 3 cupboards in the water.

While it was a fast journey to see Incheon’s tourist attractions, we had a good snapshot of the city. With many things to do in Incheon, you can easily spend 2-3 days here depending on your interest. Don’t jump to visit this city on your next visit to South Korea. There is a large amusement park where you can play Viking Ship, Hyper Shoot Drop, 70 meter high Tagada Disco or climb the 115 meter high Ferris wheel. If you want to enjoy the natural environment, you can go to the Wolmi Traditional Park where many beautiful gardens, ponds and buildings are located.

One of the most popular things to do in Incheon eating and drinking outdoors in Song-do is to visit Song-do Central Park. Central Park is a large park with many hiking trails and an artificial river in the middle. Here you can have a picnic, rent a small boat or kayak with your family and friends and sail downstream. This is a large-scale park between two mountains in Incheon. This park includes an outdoor theater, artificial grassland, ice rink, botanical garden, cycle paths, lake, sled hill, children’s zoo, observatory and more.

There are three ways to consider depending on how long you and your budget has. Incheon has built a reputation in recent years as a great model for building a smart city. For this reason, the city always welcomes people from all over the world who come to visit for various reasons, including business and leisure.

Incheon is known for some incredible architectural delights, the airport is just one. For example, the Incheon Bridge is another excellent civil and architectural achievement and serves as a distinctive feature of this city of approximately three million in South Korea. Construction of the Incheon Bridge was completed in October 2009. The Incehon Bridge is about thirteen miles long and is especially impressive from the air.

This park offers many attractions that people would love, such as 70-meter-high Hyper Shoot Drop, Tagada Disco, a two-story Viking ship, a 115-meter fortune and many other exciting attractions. It also houses a large indoor playground with water activities such as a mini-channel walk, water boats and waterball games, as well as a 4D room Wolmi Theme Park is a popular amusement park complex on Wolmido Island that is frequented by many people from all over the country.

Tickets are available online on the official Pentaport Festival website and the location is the Incheon Dreamark area. If you are one of those people who like to be surrounded by greenery and prefer the place rather than being close to a crowd of people, Sorae Ecological Park should be on your itinerary. Since 2009, this place has been home to many migratory birds and is the best job to cycle or click on photos.

Visitors to Seoul must first go directly to the iconic Gyeongbok Palace, which today serves as a museum and gardens for traditional Korean popular culture. From here, walk to the President’s house at the Blue House or visit the National Folk Museum. Explore the city’s vast art scene in Insadong’s art district, known for its galleries, tea hours, and traditional restaurants.

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