Here he talks to us through his career and shares his tips for getting started as a character designer. Now is the time to put the details we studied into our research. Look back at what we discovered about the character before we start designing. This video below kimby artingContinue Reading

In addition to the natural light in the morning, it is very important to have different lighting elements in the room. Many lighting options have different purposes and design usage. LED lights are, for example, graphic lighting aids, while overhead central lighting sources. Lighting intensity also varies based on yourContinue Reading

As important as the social network is, word of mouth will never go out of style. When you start out as an interior designer, you need to make contacts in the industry, whether it be fellow interior designers, potential customers or potential employees. Interior design is a field based onContinue Reading

As the web became more popular, some graphic designers added web design to their offering. Visual designers often have the task of larger design projects than web designers. When a web designer is working on website design, a summary of a visual app UI designer may include creating full visualContinue Reading