Moving to Raleigh, NC? Consider Five Points

If you are considering a move to Raleigh, NC, you need to know a few things before you settle in. While Research Triangle Park is an excellent place to find a job, you can also find a nice, small town vibe in the Five Points neighborhood. Public transportation isn’t super walkable, so you might want to consider carpooling. However, if you’re not a heavy walker, you can use public transportation to get around Raleigh.

North Hills is the fastest-growing area in Raleigh

The fast-growing neighborhood of North Hills was primarily a wooded area 20 years ago. Today, it is home to an array of shopping and entertainment options. North Hills residents have easy access to everything from fine dining to outdoor workouts, farmers markets and movies. Residents also enjoy the Carolina Golf Club, which is home to many golf course homes. Many homes in the area have patios where residents can sit and enjoy coffee and other beverages while watching their neighbors play golf.

The city has an economic growth rate above the state and the nation. The Raleigh metro area is the fastest-growing city in the country, with a growth rate more than twice the national average over the past decade. The Raleigh metro area boasts two of these fast-growing areas, with growth expected to continue through 2025. This growth is attributed to the many STEM jobs that are available in the area. While Raleigh has a rich industrial history and an exciting future, the city is focusing on a thriving tech industry in the North Hills. Read more about Living in Raleigh here.

Research Triangle Park is a great place for jobs

The city is home to the oldest research park in the country, Research Triangle Park. Its over 200 companies employ more than 50,000 people and focus on biotechnology, environmental sciences and pharmaceuticals. The park is located in a region with three universities. It is also credited with producing 1,800 startups since the 1970s. You can find a variety of jobs in Raleigh by visiting the research park and visiting companies in person.

Tech companies are finding Raleigh a desirable location. Companies such as Apple and Google are establishing offices in the region. A number of high-paying jobs are being advertised by the company, and residents are worried about rising housing costs and rising COVID-19 cases. But residents say the high salaries mean that the city will become unaffordable for many people. At the same time, the demand for skilled workers is driving up salaries at existing tech companies. For instance, Todd Olson, CEO of a software company in Raleigh, said the city’s high-tech industry will be a competitive place for jobs in Raleigh.

Five Points is a small-town feel

If you’re looking for a safe, quaint neighborhood when moving to Raleigh, consider Five Points. This neighborhood has large, sprawling yards and homes with amenities that cater to a variety of lifestyles. There are many local restaurants, parks, and boutique shops. If you’re looking to start a family, Five Points is the perfect neighborhood to live. It’s also close to good schools.

Residents of Five Points love their pets. Many coffee shops and restaurants are dog-friendly. Dog owners will also love the neighborhood, which is currently ranked No. 2 on the list of pet-friendly neighborhoods in Raleigh. The neighborhood is also home to the Rialto Theatre, which opened in 1942 and specializes in foreign and alternative films. It’s owned by Ambassador Cinemas and offers beer at the concession stand.

Public transportation isn’t super walkable

While there are many reasons to bike or walk in Raleigh, the city has a limited public transportation system. While most central areas are walkable, the walkability decreases as you move out from Downtown. Also, Raleigh’s bus system has a score of 25, which is not very good. Regardless of the city’s location, public transportation is not a perfect solution for all residents. If you have to drive to work or the grocery store, a car is probably not the best solution.

Pollen is a pain in the sinuses

If you’ve ever moved to a new city, you’ll know that pollen is a real pain in the sinuses. This city, which ranks fifth in the country for pollen severity, can be especially challenging for allergy sufferers. Pollen is everywhere – on roofs, window screens, and cars. Inhaling it makes sitting outside an unpleasant experience.

College sports are a big deal in Raleigh

The sports culture in Raleigh is alive and well. While college sports are not a huge business here, they are still very much important. As the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh has a strong collegiate athletic tradition. North Carolina State University, for example, has a close relationship with the city. Local businesses and athletes alike need new ways to promote and brand themselves. By striking partnership deals with local companies and businesses, players and teams can benefit from branding and marketing opportunities. These NIL deals can bring the community together and unify the sports scene.

A newcomer to the Triangle may not know which school to support, but a good way to get in on the action is by attending a game at any of the colleges in the area. If you want to catch the action at a local arena, click on the link to the college athletic program for more information. In addition to college sports, the city is home to the Carolina Hurricanes, a member of the National Hockey League. This NHL team plays games against teams from across the U.S. and Canada.

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