Everything You Need To Know About Oktoberfest

You will be able to recognize it by the giant rotating beer glass. Five days at Oktoberfest was something I wouldn’t do anymore. Even the group I was with, full of healthy, hardened drinkers, was exhausted on the third day and selfless on the fifth day. My friends and I were a little crazy to think that five days wasn’t that long at Oktoberfest.

Boarding is difficult; But once you’re inside, the fun never stops. A short typology of the different beer tents at Oktoberfest – and the people inside. Now you CAN pre-book and reserve tables, which costs money (with the value being returned to you in food/drink vouchers). In that sense you do get “tickets”, but they are by no means mandatory. Learn more about securing reservations in this post.

Although the festival ends in October, most of it takes place in September. The dates this year are from Saturday 22 September to Sunday 7 October. Forget about driving, as there is no parking for cars or bicycles less than a kilometer from Wies’n. The largest police presence prevails in, around and nearby, and the city is outside to gather, with maids and men gait. A single one-liter mug of beer can easily turn into two or three at Oktoberfest and can jeopardize your license and livelihood. While most men don’t really care about their outfits and would even be surprised to call what they wear an outfit; Oktoberfest is certainly an exception.

This scene can only describe Oktoberfest, one of the largest and best-known celebrations of folk heritage and beer consumption in the world. Do you want to enjoy chicken and beer but no money in your wallet? viaggi oktoberfest About 12 ATMs from different banks and savings banks can be found at the entrances to the Oktoberfest location. In most large beer tents there are also ATMs, which also accept MasterCard and Visa.

To look good, you can invest in expensive designer clothes or just buy a €50 outfit at one of the local stores in Munich and Berlin. Good quality Lederhosen or Dirndl cost about 150 €. Alternatively, costumes can also be rented for a few days. Yes, Oktoberfest is billed as the biggest beer festival in the world, but there are many more options.

That said, AF fills up in the evenings and on weekends. Try to arrive early in the morning and Monday through Friday (especially if you’re a large group). This way you maximize your chances of entering without a reservation.

The most famous tent is Schottenhamel because that is where the mayor touches the first barrel. It has a good combination of party mood with civilized behavior. I love the Hacker-Pschorr tent with a really cool cloud design. This year’s Oktoberfest runs from September 16 to October 3, according to munich’s website. It normally takes 16 days, with the last day being the first Sunday in October.

In light of the terrorist-inspired attacks in Europe, including Germany, in recent years, security has been tightened. The fences around the main site have been reinforced and security checks have been increased. Backpacks and bags with a capacity of more than three litres are no longer allowed on the festival site. Usually half a roast chicken with a giant pretzel. In addition, Bratwurst, pork coduchos, freshly smoked fish and many colorful gingerbread creations. The really hungry may want to head to the Ochsenbraterei, where they can enjoy osses roasted at a steakhouse.

Contact the Service Center behind the Schottenhamel tent if you lose sight of something, but don’t lose hope if you don’t show up right away. Many things are delivered from individual stores at the end of the day. The found objects are stored for six months in the Fundbüro der Landeshauptstadt München, after which they are sold at auction.