Embossing is a method to accentuate a particular part to make it visible. It is a technique that creates a raised image or text on metals and non-metals using embossing powder, tools, dies, stamps and embossing stencils. Embossing letters and designs can be felt and seen on the surface. It adds an element of class and elegance by embossing your artistic creations.

Embossing tools are used for creating embossing text and symbols on metal surface. Designs created with embossing effects look more beautiful and eye catching as compare to simple ones. Embossing tool raises the pattern out-lines from the surface. These tools may include various embossing tools like embossing stamps, die embossing, punches and embossing machines.

Debossing is done using the same process but the surface is depressed. In other words it is inward embossing on the surface. Debossing effects can also be easily felt and seen.

Types of embossing and debossing

The following terms apply to both embossing and debossing.

A registered emboss is an embossed image that exactly registers to a printed or foil stamped image.
A blind emboss is an embossed image that is not stamped over a printed image or with a foil. The color of the image is the same as the metal or non-metal surface.
A combo emboss refers to an embossed image that is also foil stamped.

Glazing refers to an embossing that appears polished. Notably on dark-colored stocks, the heat and pressure is substantially increased to smooth and shine the surface. Using a very high temperature, light colored metal surface can be scorched so that the surface color changes.
There are three most commonly used metals for embossing dies and embossing tools are magnesium, brass and copper. The Magnesium machining to be used for embossing tool is determined by shape of embossed image and the length of the run. Large images and letters can be easily embossed with these tools. Brass is used for fine embossed lines, combo foil stamping and embossing. Brass dies are made by a machine or by a semi-photographic process. Copper embossing dies are used for designs between the parameters of brass and magnesium.

Embossing machines, powder, embossing tools, dies, embossing stamps and embossing stencils are in use for very old time. In early ages gold, silver, copper and bronze used to be embossed for decoration and jewelry. Now sophisticated embossing and debossing machines have developed for embossing and debossing metals and non-metals.

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