Of course, Marvel has been raising its own game with the release of every new movie. But, let’s not forget that their shows don’t stray much far. Anyone – like us – who has seen these shows……..well, let’s just say that we have whole new criteria set to judge all the other TV shows out there.

Streaming is where everybody is at these days. Gone are the days where the question ‘what are the best cable providers near me?’ would often haunt you. Now, with a good internet connection by your side, you can stream your favorite TV shows and enjoy life like how you’re supposed to.

If you’ve been searching for new shows to stream. All we’ll say is that we got you covered. It’s time to step out of the monotonous ‘messed up love story’ concepts and head towards superheroes that’ll make you want to become one.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight was released only a few weeks ago. And boy, oh boy, do we love this or not? As much as we’re tempted to share what this newly released show is all about. But, we would prefer to avoid being bashed by the fans for spoiling it. So, you’d have to watch it for yourself.

Luke Cage

This show has made us cringe over Mariah’s cunningness, feel both, mad and amazed at Cottonmouth’s twisted mind, and fall in love with the selflessness and robustness of Luke Cage. Thus, calling this one a whole package would be rightful. Luke Cage was wrongly indicted and charged with imprisonment.

There, he becomes subject to illegal prison experiments that leave him with a strange superpower. Now, with this superpower at hand and the safety of his beloved neighborhood at stake, Luke Cage has a responsibility, and he simply can’t mess up. Got you tempted, didn’t we? You better get streaming!


This show does not have reality-shifting scenarios. Nothing to do with a guy flying across the universe to save the earth or something like that. Rather, the story revolves around a very-human kind of guy, Clint Barton who joins The Avengers and also happens to be pretty good at shooting arrows at the bad guys.

You’ll see Hailee Steinfeld in there too, who plays the role of a new partner to whom Barton has to pass on his skill. Hawkeye is available on Disney+. You’d need your trusted, high-speed internet by your side to make streaming it all the more enjoyable.


Don’t confuse this one with the cringe-worthy Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner movie. Daredevil really wanted to raise its game and with this show, they surely did it right. Yes, there’s a much better-looking Matt Murdock in there. He too has the same task of keeping his neighborhood criminal-free.

Even though Daredevil lost the oomph in the second season and if it were to us, we would recommend you stick with the first season only. However, if you want to give it a shot, or else you’re afraid that your OCD might begin settling in, then you’re free to watch the second season as well.


We asked for Tom Hiddleston to get his own show. And thank goodness, Marvel delivered it! The show came last year and goodness, gracious did we love it or what! The story revolves around Loki who finds himself stuck in the bureaucracy of the Time Variance Authority and in the company of Agent Mobius (played by Owen Wilson).

The show does not stray too far in terms of captivating visual effects – kind of similar to the movie ‘Thor’. What intrigued us were definitely the several variants of Loki across the ‘multiverse’. If you’ve already loved the first season, then buckle up. There’s soon going to be a second season.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Straight out of Captain America, this show pans the camera towards The Winter Soldier and of course, The Falcon, and it stays like that for a while. The show tackles many serious issues involving racism and the growing ‘refugee problem’ in the world, and ties everything together rather brilliantly with wit and action.

To us, this show is nothing less than Spectrum bundles. It gets you everything in one place and dealing with it is really a no-brainer.

Wanda Vision

And finally, the last one on our list is Wanda Vision. The show is deeply rooted in emotions. The story revolves around a grief-stricken Wanda who comes up with her own coping mechanism to deal with her loss. We loved this show for it did not only focus on one person. Each character got its fair share of spotlight to shine.

At first glance, the show might seem like a typical sitcom to you. But, what underlies is something much more compelling and thrilling at play.

Wrapping Everything Up

Most of the shows that we’ve listed above were once available on Netflix. However, recently, they were taken down from there and moved permanently to Disney+. In case you didn’t catch it. Marvel belongs to Disney now, and most of the new shows that they created were released on Disney+. Therefore, it only made sense to move the old shows to Disney+.

This gives you a perfect reason to get that Disney+ subscription you’ve been ignoring all this time and start streaming!

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