And even if you’re willing to work to become the best at your game, there are considerations to make, such as giving up a stable salary. But if you’re dedicated enough to put in many, many hours (an excuse to play even more hours? Great) it takes to be good enough to make professional games your career, you can make a serious dollar and live the dream. Check out our top tips to get you started on your way to becoming an esports elite. Whether in the form of a guild, clan, or just a group of friends coming together to play, being part of a community is not only fun, but it can also be educational and helpful in terms of training or practice. Groups sometimes implode when relationships and the amount of time they spend on games aren’t sustainable, but they almost always reshape in some way. These groups or clans are not necessarily professional teams, which is what you need if your favorite game is a team sport.

An esports tournament is usually played in a much shorter period of time, and in general it’s more of a last man standing competition: once you lose, you’re out. Some games lend themselves more to these types of competitions, such as Fortnite or Counter Strike. Start by participating in smaller online tournaments, but once you’ve shattered them and built your reputation even more, you’ll play with the big guns in tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship, Intel Extreme Masters, or ESL. The next step is to participate in live events – there’s always something going on around the world that you can get involved in at this level. Thousands of esports fans come to a place to watch you play, and this is where you have a chance to win those big salaries you probably dream of, but you have to be in it to win it.

If your team doesn’t match, you’ll never have the competitive advantage over your opponents. Think of your team as your teammate: you have to work together in harmony to get the best results. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll need to invest in a mouse with maximum accuracy that can handle fast fire movements and works with pinpoint accuracy. Always choose a mouse that suits your gripping style so you feel comfortable after hours and hours of play and you can make quick movements when needed.

There are many sports games out there, from shooters to strategy titles, sports games, fighting games, and much more, all with their own settings, ecosystems, and leagues. Different games require different skills: for example, a professional League of Legends player may not always be a great CSGO player and vice versa. Ok, we’ve made it sound a bit easy in this guide on how to become a professional player in just a few “simple” steps, but it can actually be difficult to get into the industry and really make a career out of it. But that’s not to say it’s impossible: many have made their dreams of playing full-time a reality with a little hard work, dedication, and many hours of practice on the couch, as if we needed an excuse to play more.

But because we know that only the best of the best of esports can live and become professional gamers, it’s important to choose the genre you like and are best at, and dedicate your hours of play to it. Choose the gender you’re most motivated by and have the natural skills for, and commit to becoming the absolute best. Solo games, such as fighters and real-time strategies, are a little easier when it comes to training. Streaming can be a good alternative to professional games if you’re looking for opportunities to make money as a player, but it’s also a good addition for professional gamers. Not all streamers participate in active competition, but it’s a common sideline for professionals and a way to interact with fans and other players.

It’s a great way to learn important tips and tricks to master your game and be on your way to becoming a professional gamer. In your quest to become the best, you can’t bangsajp just have a single-track view of the game. Esports professionals will often implement “out of the box” approaches to defeat their opponents and crush their game.

Those techniques can be more mental things, like a strategy you may not have thought of before, or something more physical like a quick flick of the wrist or finger, or seeing how your team is set up and configured, giving them the competitive advantage. Watching professional streamers and live matches will help you figure out what the purpose of the game is. As the grinding mentality looms over esports, professionals need to learn to balance their exercise regimen and off-screen activities. According to the professional players we interviewed, a holistic approach to exercise, including proper nutrition, exercise and an active social life, improves mental focus and prevents burnout.

But choosing your platform depends on the game you choose to become a gaming guru in. If you’re more into console games, you still have the option of becoming a professional gamer, but often the genres are a little more limited. Competitions for console players are becoming increasingly popular, as brands like Nintendo and Microsoft look to get involved in the action of this extremely lucrative industry. So if you’re more into console games than PC games, this might be a good time to play professional gaming. Sharpening your strategic skills will only get you as far as you want to become a professional gamer.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle allows you to stay motivated long enough to develop the skills that will ultimately appeal to professional organizations. The popularity of gaming is growing because people from many walks of life love games as fun and a profession. There are almost too many categories to list, ranging from simple smartphone games to fully immersive role-playing video games and sweat-inducing battle royales. The most important thing professional players do to stand out is to change their mindset to one of overanalystration. Most of the time, professional players look objectively at what’s happening in their game to learn from it. Many amateur gamers enjoy getting in and out of game genres, one day enjoying literally crushing their opponent in a fighting game, and the next day more thoughtful and delving into the complexity of the strategy genre.

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