One of the oft-cited downsides to paying for a gym membership is that it takes time, planning, etc. to drive to and from the facility. On the other Off The Plan Apartments St Leonards hand, home gyms are expensive and take up premium space. So for many folks, a good apartment fitness center is the key to staying in shape.

Of course, everyone’s tastes are a little different, and you may want darker woods or a different color of appliances.

As a tenant living in a luxury apartment, you will be surrounded by neighbors. This brings about a sense of community since you get to share common spaces which you are jointly responsible for. Luxury apartment complexes are usually found in some of the best neighborhoods. This means that you are likely to be located in close proximity to a selection of dining spots, shopping centers, schools, and other essential amenities.

Instead of carpet, the apartment may have sleek wooded or tile flooring. There are a variety of services provided in luxury apartments to ensure the comfort of tenants. In most of these units, you will find a concierge who is available 24/7 to provide assistance to residents. Other services you are likely to find include housekeeping and a doorman. The complexes in which luxury apartments are found usually have state-of-the-art security features such as gated access, security cameras, a security guard, doorman, and security lights among others.

Two apartment complexes in the Washington, D.C., area, the Pearl in Silver Springs, Maryland, and the Ten at Clarendon, in Arlington, Virginia, feature community gardens, a particularly popular amenity. While adding smart home tech to apartments can be complicated owners find value in creating more efficient buildings and offering more services. Hello Alfred, the concierge service startup, and Baroo, which offers walking and doggie daycare services, have used mobile tech and increasingly wired apartments as a means to reach customers in high-rent areas.

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