More than 90% of deaths and injuries among ATV drivers under the age of 16 have occurred in adult-sized vehicles. As far as Kelly knows, however, nothing important came out of that offer. Therefore, children feel very comfortable with this vehicle while driving. Although I already mentioned that ATVs areContinue Reading

In addition, information about a patient, once registered, is inaccessible or, if available, often in a non-standard format (p. E.g., doctor’s words), resulting in numerous errors in omission, misinterpretation and layoffs. Most care planning methods are also considered of little value and face the same poor design, poor accessibility andContinue Reading

For example, if you connect your e-commerce shop with Mailchimp to e-commerce customers, all reports from your customers are automatically imported onto our platform. With this information, we give you a cross-channel view of who your customer is, how he interacts with your marketing and how this leads to purchases.Continue Reading