We will even work with your insurance company to ensure that repairs are under your policy. Technological advances have led to automatic paints that are highly resistant to bleeding when dents occur. This makes repairing paintless dents an excellent option for such situations. Because the original paint job remains intact, no color scheme or paint is required.

Instead, a technician examines the damage and determines the best way to access it. This can be via a window, by removing an internal panel or a similar tactic. The technician determines the correct tools for the job, then starts at the outer edge of the damaged area and gently massages the material back into the correct position. As the technician works, the damaged area becomes smaller and smaller and eventually disappears completely. With the help of special equipment and tools, there is no PDR process with extra padding or paint.

The same dent can often be remedied within a few hours or less. Traditional dent repair techniques used to have a significant impact on the original value of the vehicle. Modern car development processes, however, maintain the value of your vehicle. There are specialized tools used in removing paintless dent removal franklin tennessee dents that do not change the original finish, especially in luxury and vintage cars. While it may seem more efficient to perform all repairs at a later date, it may do more harm than good. Older and more traditional repair methods were frustrating because they lasted longer and were more expensive.

Before performing repair work on your dented vehicle, please call our customer service. Because repair of paintless dent takes less time, labor costs are generally significantly lower compared to traditional dent repair. Your car will be repaired in a short time and before you know it you will roll over the road. One of the things that makes repairing cars without paint profitable is the fact that you don’t have to pay for materials like primer, automatic paint and filler. However, it is important to note that the cost of paintless thing repair varies depending on the location and level of damage to your car.

Such a service requires additional resources, including car paint, that can significantly increase your service costs. While this service can be ideal for a car with missing paint, many cars today have paint that can withstand damage. Specialists can restore the metal, ding by dent, to the factory-designed shape without damaging the paint job. Using RDP lighting and tools, technicians eliminate damage rather than welding, filling and spraying layers of harmful chemicals. We heal the sheet metal of your vehicle from the inside, so that the external value continues to shine. But with paintless dent removal, the dyeing process can be skipped and your car will recover faster.

For a free, accurate estimate of what your automatic dents will cost, we recommend that you go to the AJ tooth today. Most automatic dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair if metal and paint are not compromised. AJ’s Dent suggests getting a free inspection and estimate so we can assess the damage to your car and determine whether or not PDR is an option for you. If your vehicle is pinned down by a shopping cart, a paintless dent repair is an excellent option. RDP has many advantages compared to traditional dent extraction

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