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Dec 13, 2021

Regardless of the security position, any hit or glass that is strong enough to trigger the firing mechanism of a gun can trigger the shot. This can also happen if the trigger is not touched, for example if a weapon falls. Never lay a loaded weapon against an object, as there is always the possibility that it will get involved or slip from its position and fall with enough force to unload. You can only be absolutely sure that a weapon cannot fire if the action is open and completely empty.

Many factors need to be considered when deciding where and how weapons should be kept. A person’s particular situation will be an important part of the consideration. There are dozens of weapon stores and locking devices that are directly connected to the weapon. However, mechanical locking devices such as mechanical securities installed in pistols may fail and should not be used as a substitute for the safe handling of weapons and compliance with all weapon safety rules. At the NRA, the reconnaissance and security of firearms is of the utmost importance. That is why we offer a variety of programs and services to promote the safe handling, use and storage of firearms.

When a firearm is unloaded, it makes a very loud sound, usually near the dog handler’s ears. This can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage such as tinnitus. Hearing protection such as earplugs, earmuffs gun cleaning solvent by Armory Den or both can reduce the risk of hearing damage. Some earmuffs or headphones for shooting and the like use active noise control. Firearms can also have silencers that reduce the intensity of running noise.

Treat the issue seriously and children will respond to gravity in their voice. Weapon security is extremely important when hunting and handling firearms. The right weapon security is an attitude, not just actions. Once a weapon has been fired, you have given up control of where the shot will go or what will hit.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the weapons are kept safely. The number one weapon storage rule is to store your weapons in such a way that they are not accessible to unauthorized users, especially children. Please note that certain types of weapons and many shooting activities require additional security measures. Further information can be found in the brochure with the shotgun earnings certificates. Only BBs, pellets, cartridges or projectiles that have been developed for a specific weapon can be safely fired into this pistol. With most weapons, the type of ammunition is stamped on the barrel.

If the weapon is empty, this is a teaching moment, not a possible tragedy. Insist on protecting the eyes and ears and emphasize its meaning by always using it yourself. There is no accidental dismissal in the Marine Corps. All unintentional weapon discharges are considered negligent. This means that you are always 100% responsible for your weapon and your handling of weapons. Start with the 4 weapon safety rules learned in Marine Corps recruitment training.

Also keep in mind that the safety device of a weapon is a mechanical device that can fail. The best security device in the world is that between your ears. Camera locks are designed to prevent ammunition from changing, since most firearms can generally only be unloaded when the ammunition is in the correct position. Another type is a steel rod that snaps into the safety cassette with a key.

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