More Than 10 Easy Ways To Secure Your New Home

We can also install thief resistant security screens on top of doors and windows to add an additional layer of theft protection. Our security screens are an additional deterrent to potential thieves and make it even more difficult to get to your glass. Campbell’s thief resistant window movies protect your property without taking your eyes off its glass.

Equipping your home windows with qualified locks is mandatory if you take home security seriously. Installing the best quality lock is useless if you forget to lock the windows. You can choose from several options on the market, so select the one that suits your needs. Statistics show that most thieves use the front door or unlocked windows to enter the house. You can improve the security of your home by strengthening windows and doors.

Nature can not only help keep your home safer, it also looks great and can increase the value of the home. The glass reinforcement of the window consists of using glass layers to improve the resistance of the window. While it is less common than some of the other tips we’ve mentioned, this approach is a great way to make windows and doors safer. Protecting a house from theft is essential through locks and security installed everywhere. According to ADT’s Protect Your Home website, nearly 25% of burglaries occur through the windows of the home and 22% through a back door or slide.

We offer transparent window movies that you can’t even count, but that give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected from intruders. We also offer tinted safety window films if you want additional privacy or resistance to solar heat. All of our window films have a UV protection rate of 99.9% that reduces discoloration of indoor products due to exposure to sunlight. One mistake most people make is simply connecting their doors to their security alarm systems.

A much better way to fix your windows is to install metal grids. Even if thieves break glass, they still can’t access their home. However, for maximum protection, install carbide grids with small spaces door screen repair tigard oregon in your cartridges. Grids with large spaces are not recommended as they can still allow the passage of hands or weapons. Make sure the chosen grids contain decorative patterns for more aesthetic values.

From the street, your home may seem like an easy target, but once the intruder sets foot on your property, the light from the motion sensor will make you think twice. The lighting of the motion sensor outside your home puts thieves on their way. Mount the motion sensor lighting at the corners and entrances to your home and garage.

The safety film prevents glass from breaking when pressure is applied. Instead of replacing existing glass with laminated glass, you can install a safety film as it is an affordable way to secure glass. Be sure to use the best quality safety movies, because not all movies meet the best quality standards. Installing an alarm or installing security cameras are some measures.

Even if a piece of rubble hits enough on a window or door to break the glass, our window films, glazing, or glass plates hold the broken glass in place. In more than 70% of burglaries in the house, thieves break through the glass or force access through a window or door. Standard windows and doors do little to prevent intruders from entering your home with minimal effort. Regular window glass breaks easily with a hammer, stone, or other tool, making it easy for thieves to reach and unlock the window or a nearby door to enter. While installing window locks and alarms is a great way to improve window protection, it does not protect glass from breakage. In most cases, criminals prefer to avoid breaking glass during a robbery due to noise and possible injury.

There are several ways to make your windows theft resistant. One of these solutions is our window and door security frames that can be installed with new glass or replace your existing frames. These security frameworks provide an additional level of security so that your windows and doors can withstand certain long-term access attempts. We can modernize any residential or commercial building with our security glass products to protect your property from thieves and other invaders. With a thin net on their windows, thieves and thieves can easily find their way.

Read on to learn how to protect your windows and determine if this is the best home security solution for you. Criminals hate lights because they make them easy to detect. Therefore, installing motion sensor lights around your windows can make an important contribution to preventing nighttime theft and deterring criminals. If thieves want to break a window glass covered with a security movie, they have to try it several times and it is very difficult to have a real chance of success. In the vast majority of cases, for example, they simply give up and seek another goal. Note that installing a pin lock requires drilling a hole in the belts .