Important Days And Dates 2021, National And International Days

Before sharing Braille’s short story above, ask students to tell you how people communicate with visual challenges. The United Nations World Social Justice Day is celebrated annually on February 20 to encourage people to see how social justice affects the eradication of poverty. It also focuses on the goal of full employment and support for social inclusion.

National Productivity Day is celebrated annually on February 12 to promote the productivity culture in India. Celebrations take place during a week as a “Productivity Week” across India. World Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally on February 2 of each year. The international theme for World Wetlands Day 2020 was ‘Wetlands and Biodiversity’.

By celebrating the differences and similarities this month, organizers hope people understand each other more deeply. February is also the only month on the calendar that, at intervals alternating between six years and two eleven years, has exactly four full weeks of seven days. In countries that start their week on a Sunday, it takes place in a common year starting on Thursday, with the next event in 2026 and previous events in 1987, 1998, 2009 and 2015. The pattern breaks for a skipped leap year, but since 1900 no leap year has been left out and no other will skip until 2100. After we have identified different emotions, bring students together and remind them that we sometimes also use body language to express how we feel. Explain that reading, writing, listening, speaking and what we see and represent are important components of language.

It’s also Black History Month, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate black culture and heritage or teach yourself about black history. To mark the importance of some important events, we celebrate the days when these events took place. Apart from this, certain days are celebrated to make people aware of important things in the world, such as awareness of any disease, poverty, etc. Such events and their dates are especially important for those preparing for competitive exams.

In 1950, the General Assembly approved the first international day, Human Rights Day, which is celebrated on December 10. With all these school holidays and special days you want to download our 2022 calendar? Receive an editable file by sending your email here, so you always have the available calendar.

Recognizing the power and influence of language is important because it tries to unite different cultures and achieve an international understanding of each other. International Development Week has been celebrated in early February since 1991, it is an exclusively Canadian tradition that contributes to international aid. At events across Canada, individuals and organizations come together to celebrate Canadian contributions to international humanitarian aid in the developing world. It’s been a week to think about how far we’ve come and talk about the work that still needs to be done to reduce poverty. Through events such as workshops, conferences and more, Canadians will have the opportunity to actively learn and contribute to global themed initiatives. In the United States, members have decided that there should be a special day when each member will reflect on what it feels like to be part of their organization.

Major holidays, national days and international days observed every day in February 2020 are listed above. I think we all know February is Black History Month, but how many of you know when Say Something is Nice day?? This school holiday and special daily calendar give you a variety of monthly parties. We also link activities, lesson plans, resources, today’s date books and more for each event. This day is celebrated every year to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Unani’s great scholar and social reformer, Hakim Ajmal Khan. World Unani Day’s main goal is to spread awareness of the provision of medical care through the Unani drug system through its preventive and curative philosophy.

On this day of history in 1857, Robert Baden-Powell was born and this day of history in 1889 Olave Baden-Powell was born. Therefore, the couple’s joint birthday, February 22, is commemorated as Founder’s Day by Scouts and as World Thought Day by Girl Scouts / Girl Guides. After all, language is the root of all connections, be it written, spoken or gestures.

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