Even in the most tame beer tents, floors can become sloppy and cluttered, making open shoes a huge safety issue. The most common shoes are standard or flat ballerina flat shoes with a belt on the foot called Mary Jane. Local Mary Janes are leather with a comfortable rubber sole, plus heels and studded toes to make noise while dancing.

These Oktoberfest costumes are unreal, offensive, downright sticky, and you probably won’t get more than one use of them. Of course, you prefer what you prefer, but for Oktoberfests and the like, your dirndl dress should fall somewhere between just below and just above your knee. Shorties like me, above the knee is fine so we don’t look any more like we just left the Shire. That’s not to say you can’t find a wonderfully decent dirndl in Germany for a great price, it’s just that it takes a little more work and a little bit of luck. In any case, buying a dirndl from an online retailer (and doing it out of season) is the best bet to save some money.

Anything that is too short or too scanty is considered disrespectful. From exclusive designer brands to introductory-level outfits, they have it all. The high quality in Lodenfrey comes at a price, but you can get great deals if Moser Trachtenwelt you go to the Loden-Frey outlet store, Trachtenhäusl, on the outskirts of Munich. Try styles and prices vary greatly; You can get a bold and short dirndl for just 40 euros or a richly embroidered custom-made dress of hundreds.

They usually have more limited options and sizes, but also more affordable prices. This may also be the only place where you can find an outfit outside of Bavaria. For more than 70 years, the specialist store Angermaier has focused on the sale of Bavarian suits at all prices. They offer everything from leather and dirndl pants to accessories and shoes. Many stores sell a variety of try, as it used to be daily wear and tear. Ask about Oktoberfest if you want the special styles of clothing versus country style.

The winter Dirndl was heavy and often dark, with long sleeves and a thick apron to keep the wearer warm. Wide range of beautiful designer dirndls from 100 euros to a thousand! Products purchased online have a temporary warranty that covers replacement.

Although some of the vests for Oktoberfest are made of flat material, many are padded and often have decorative metal or bone buds as ornaments. Vests can be accompanied by a tie, while they are usually worn plain or with elegant metal claingen. Socks for Oktoberfest can be made from wool, but they are usually cotton with stripes or checkered patterns.

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