Contact us today at Fred Astaire Dance Studios to start your dance strip and put these benefits to work for your life. Healthy heart and lungs: dancing is a great cardiovascular exercise. As you continue to dance and find that your strength and grace are improving, you will witness an increase chinese dance show in your stamina. Your heart rate remains stable for longer and you don’t feel like being breathless as your heart and lung condition improves. Your membership includes 24/7 access to our entire dance library on request. Added new home dance lessons in multiple styles and levels every week.

I want you to mention how great it is to socialize with new people who share common interests with you. This would be a great place to make friends, I guess. Because dancing is a weight-resistant activity, it can help protect bone density and prevent osteoporosis. It can also help speed up knee recovery after surgery as it is less impactful than jogging or cycling.

Interestingly, there are different forms of dancing, such as aerobics, buzzing, ballet, or you can sign up for salsa lessons with your partner . “Dancing improved one of the cognitive domains”, which is essential for learning dance (Dafna Merom, et al. 2016). A highly infused lifestyle with accompanying dance can provide even stronger mental health benefits. The associated benefits can also reduce loneliness for the elderly. Dancing works wonders by increasing our memory by reminding us of dance steps, routines and patterns, making it a great mental exercise for our brain.

On the other hand, modern dance styles offer more benefits for creativity. The dance contains several brain functions at the same time: kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional. Using all this at the same time can further increase your neural activity, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. While the physical benefits of dance have been known for years, there is also growing medical evidence about the benefits for mental health. Brain scanners show that many parts of the brain light up every time you dance.

That is what makes dancing the ideal exercise! After all, dancing is a soft aerobic workout, minus the boring part! If you take dance lessons, you will make a fun and fun social event every night of the week.

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