Therefore, they can be cast, reformed and recycled for future coating applications. Powder coating is a multi-step surface finishing process suitable for metal and non-metal substrates. The method includes a preparation, application and curing phase and makes minimal use of a spray gun, a spray booth and a curing furnace. Powder coating is a dry coating process used as a metal finish, mainly in industrial equipment.

Next up is the Eastwood weapon line, they have a Hotcoat Starter and a double-voltage powder coating gun. Remember I mentioned above adjustable KV, well, the double voltage gun offers you the adjustment of two different voltages that are useful when photographing two layers. Eastwood also sells its weapons in a range of starter kits that come with plugs, duct tape and a variety of powder colors. They also come with the Eastwood Instruction Manual, a manual that should be largely ignored because the information omits many important details.

Unlike conventional liquid paint emitted from an evaporating solvent, the powder coating is generally electrostatically applied and then cured under heat or ultraviolet light. It is generally used to create a hard finish that is stronger than conventional paint. Powder coating is mainly used for metal coating, such as household appliances, aluminum extrusions, drum hardware, cars and bicycle frames. All our spray booths, curing ovens, drying ovens and blasting stations are made of high-quality household steel using the most modern CNC production lines. We work with leading powder coating spray gun manufacturers to provide a comprehensive coating system solution to professionals who want top quality results.

We always recommend investing in a professional quality powder gun as they are more reliable and deliver better results. For the powder coating to work effectively, the powder must be electrostatically charged. The only way to apply this charge is with a spray gun designed exclusively for powder coating. Compressed air moves dust through the gun from a hopper or directly from the box where the dust is stored. Once charged, the dust cloud wraps around the part and attaches to the surface of the rectified part .

This method is generally used when the desired thickness of the coating should be more than 300 microns. Kool Koat 3.0 DPW The Kool Koat series is the powder coating gun that revolutionizes the powder coating industry. With the Kool Koat 3.0, it has a fully adjustable 100 KV, the latest Digital Pulse Wave technology and integrated air meters for improved dust and airflow control…. Compact Econo-Coat® sprayers and powder recovery systems are perfect for small to medium batch powder coating parts.

If you are interested in a medium weapon that works slightly better than all of the above weapons, see the Redline EZ-50. The voltage is fully adjustable up to 50 KV and does much better powder coating equipment manufacturer with Faraday’s cage areas, in addition to spraying multiple layers. If you plan to charge money for your fabric coating service, I would say this weapon is the bare minimum.

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