If your auction requires pre-registration and provides bidders with a bidder number, indicate it on the bidding sheet. Remember to keep your offer papers simple, as you don’t want your guests to spend most of their time simply filling out the paper. If you are using silent auction software to create an event website, include the silent auction ideas link in your communication with supporters. A silent auction is an event that is usually held by fundraisers and non-profit organizations. In a silent auction, items are shown to the participants and each item has a bid sheet. Participants tacitly place their bids on the bid sheet using the bid number of their favorite item.

Your organization can provide donors with printed and online program guides. Silent Auction Pro offers flexibility to give your backers what they want. Givesmart offers an innovative online charity auction program for non-profit organizations that want to revise their fundraising strategy. Engage bidders and encourage more donations with the exceptional features of handbed.

Manage your auction from anywhere with easy setup, guest lists, quick ticketing, intuitive payment processing and insightful statistics. The best thing is that you can do everything in real time and view live auction statistics and leaderboards at your event. Using data collected at all our auction events, our auction freak identified the 20 most popular silent auction items of the year.

Instead of displaying the price of the items, mark the products and their task. By omitting the price, bids can rise freely if guests think they are worth it. Silent Auction Pro is an effective clickbed silent Auction software platform for non-profit organizations. Alternatively, Facebook can be a good choice for simple virtual events.

Statista shows that as of January 2021, there are 1,190 million Facebook users in the US alone. The silent auction program allows participants to register for your event before it officially begins. In this simple beginner’s guide, we explore what they are, how they work, and give you some amazing ideas for a successful first silent auction. Personal bidders can have a timeout of up to 60 seconds, which leads to frustration and loss of bids. If you combine a live and a virtual event, the best approach is to start with an entire online auction, but after that to conduct a small live auction, a special opportunity for personal guests.

The name and contact information of the donor of the item; the market value of the item, the starting offer and the minimum level amounts. Cloud-based software is accessible through a web browser, so you can easily access your tools wherever you have an internet connection. Access to your data makes it easier for donors to check in and out at your event. In addition, each team member can enter information to make coordination tasks easier and more effective.

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