30 Silent Auction Items That Don’t Cost A Dime

You can purchase some technical devices that can be beneficial to the audience, and you can sell them at a reasonable price to raise money for your fundraiser. After you have secured the auction items, you need to create an initial bidding area for your bids. Do not make the initial bids too high, otherwise you run the risk of discouraging your guests before you start bidding.

Luxury Vacation Rentals: Another source of great silent auction items are vacation rentals available through consignment companies. They take care of all the paperwork, provide detailed descriptions and photos, and also allow you to reserve available dates and list them in your auction. This is perfect if you want to offer a Breckenridge ski apartment for the Christmas holidays during a silent auction in November. There is a large selection of real estate in tourist destinations throughout the country. Most companies allow you to offer four different vacation rentals at their auction, so you can earn thousands of dollars by offering these vacation rentals at their auction. Although these are cheaper items, bidding gives all bidders the opportunity to contribute to your cause.

You can also create customized packages for the audience and strategically present them from a lower to a higher price. Interestingly, many people are very fond of sports equipment, and the demand for it is even higher if a player has already used it. To keep it as an advantage, arrange an auction of sports equipment or rare items of famous athletes.

With this themed auction package, your winners and their children can put all the bakeries in their city to the test. Order gift certificates from a number of companies that sell children’s favorites, such as cupcakes, so you can officially determine which one is the best in the city. This silent auction item is effective because it is essentially a multi-week activity that parents can enjoy with their children. Sign-up parties are unique experiences and social gatherings that your organization can offer to donors, either as auction items or as simple additional purchases. As an auction item, you can offer guests the chance to win the entire party package and invite their friends. Themed auction baskets are a classic choice for all types of events such as live and silent auctions, virtual fundraisers, raffles and penny socials, to name a few.

In this example, a cruise line would donate a cabin for a specific cruise, the organization would auction that vacation and keep the money received as a donation. Perhaps the most popular item, which appears 5 times in our top-20 list, belongs to the category of unique experience packages. Make sure that you promote these items with high impact before the event (our online pre-bid makes this easy) and encourage your auction Silent Auction Ideas helpers to point this out to the guests. Hot air Balloon Rides: A company called Fundraising Rides offers hot air balloon rides in more than 200 cities across the country. They offer a complete silent auction exhibition with pictures, description and miniature hot air balloon. You get a two-person package and a four-person package and only pay when you sell, which you almost always do when you advertise correctly.

As extremely flexible offers, sign-up parties are great ideas for silent auction items for children and parents. Evening outings for adults or themed parties for children are great examples, but be creative to make them virtual if necessary. A virtual movie night organized by your school could be an easy way to win registrations. For example, schools, youth groups and community organizations have had great success in offering child-friendly items at their fundraising auctions.

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