Other important ingredients are niacinamide, retinol and ceramides. These ingredients take care of your skin, promote peeling, improve cell turnover and keep your skin young. If you were used to abrasive scrubs before, it’s time to drop them off. As mentioned, menstrual cup the skin becomes thinner during menopause, so using hard, chemical-based products and scrubs can irritate or tear or cause blood to the skin. This is still a necessary step in your skincare routine as it can remove dead skin cells and remove pores.

After all, taking care of a menopause is similar to what it was like when you were between 20 and 30 years old – it’s about finding the right products that suit your skin type and what suits you best. Unfortunately, the collagen decreases even more after menopause is reached. It starts about a year after your last period and can cause some skin changes that you are not used to. The hormone level will drop and you will notice that the skin on your face becomes drier, dull and thinner.

New skin cells do not reach the skin surface, making the skin less pink and creating more wrinkles. Exfoliation removes old skin cells, creating new skin cells for the skin to replace them. And while an older skin requires peeling, look for products that are soft and don’t dry. You can make yours with lemon, sugar and honey or look for a natural product with the word “calm down” in the title. You can also try a chemical peel, but talk to your dermatologist about the sensitivities of your skin. Using too many products, especially multiple anti-aging products, can irritate your skin.

As we age, our skin suffers from a slowdown in oil production and cell turnover, especially after menopause. I saw that my naturally oily skin became as dry as the Sahara desert at the age of 35. It is very important to choose cleansers, moisturizers and a skincare routine formulated for your skin type.

Nothing damages your skin more than sun exposure. It is the leading cause of brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. “This can really help restore the skin from solar damage,” says Dr. Palmero. The best time to apply them is immediately after cleansing so that your skin can soak them or put them under your sunscreen for extra protection.

The skin will also benefit from the regular use of clean silk pillowcases. “Many people feel that they only have to protect themselves on sunny days or when they visit the beach,” says Dr. Palmero. “But the truth is, we have to protect our skin even when we drive a car, fly an airplane, or run errands.”. What is your beauty product of the uninhabited island?? Skinfix Remedy + 911 Ointment ($ 24; sephora.com).

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