Down does not provide more heat than synthetic insulation, it only has smaller, lighter packages. To camp by car, save money by buying a synthetic sleeping bag. We can’t talk about tents without talking about tent sizes. You will notice that I have mentioned two tents for four people above; that’s a good size for two people to camp in a car. A tent for four people can accommodate exactly four medium sized people lying side by side touching each other. If you want extra space to roll, change clothes or hang around, you need a tent larger than the number of people you want to put in.

For budget-conscious campers, consider the REI Grand Hut 4 person tent. We love camping in Virginia and we have many favorite camping spots that are easy to explore and incredibly picturesque. With this love in mind, we also want to help you enjoy the outdoors responsibly and intelligently, to get the most out of your camping holiday in Virginia, be it with your family, friends or pets. If there are no physical beach resorts, never go into small water bodies and always make sure to deposit human waste in a 6 to 8 inch deep cat house about 200 feet away from water, camps and trails . Some retailers, from their local discount store to REI, offer travel-sized garbage bags that you can use anywhere.

Planning meals for each day means that you know exactly which food to bring and also determine which kitchen appliances you need, for example a wok, a drainer, a fish nit, etc. There is no packing list for camping, so you probably want to adapt this list to your group. Whether you are loading, backpacker or RVing, this checklist is an excellent starting point for camping. It is common to see the very cheap in large box retailers with extremely unrealistic temperature assessments. This metric is self-reported and based on a European standard that is not highly regulated in the US. Buy a sleeping bag from a renowned brand or plan to carry a cheap bag with a much colder condition than you plan to experience.

A good night’s sleep outdoors is about having the right camping gear. To stay warm and comfortable, you want to grab a tent, a sleepy one and a sleeping bag that is suitable for the weather and the land you are going to camp on. I am also in the situation where a family / work / adult children / grandchildren / mother lives with us along the way.

This can also quickly increase the cost of your camping trip. If you are looking for a camp stove, our recommendation is the option of Camping Chef. Compact and lightweight, it is still big enough to prepare a party for the whole family. To prepare your meal for a camping trip, first create a detailed menu with all meals and snacks. Consider whether it will be more effective to bring fresh food, prepackaged items or lyophilized food, and how much of each food you need.

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