And not all of them require you to spend hundreds of dollars on random boosters to keep up with the latest expansion or organized game meta. In addition to trading and collecting card games, there are expandable and live card games that replace random boosters with fixed expansion sets, so you always know exactly which cards you’re getting in each box. Is another extremely popular and recognizable collectible card game that was created in the early 2000s. In 2009, Guinness World Records named it the best trading card game in the world. Players receive a deck of cards in which they draw cards from their deck and play on the field.

It’s a completely different goal, highlighting the strategic part of the game about building decks, but basic issues such as card order and resource spending remain in place. Ascension is one of the best card games on PC if you are the kind of person who likes to play combo decks with big simple tricks. Beautiful artwork, regular Collect Video Games updates and very fast games complete the whole thing as a great thing to waste a little time. For those who are ready to learn the ropes, 2022 has several great trading card games to play. Control an all-powerful ‘Phoenixborn’ and cast a series of beasts and magic spells in this competitive and expandable two-player card game.

Monster Train takes a similar approach, giving players more control over a subset of units, abilities, and items, rather than a heroic character. But behind a poorly published physical version and a monetially predatory digital adaptation, lies a fast and streamlined trading card game with all the wonderful warhammer art you could hope for. Advanced calling rules can get complex and you may be tired of the jargon from time to time, but Yu-Gi-Oh’s intuitive phase order! Blockchain collectible card game that runs on Ethereum and Immutable-X. Blockchain features include obtaining Ethereum-based in-game tokens and notes that allow you to mine cards.

The fights aren’t quite the same as in video games or Pokémon Go, but it’s damn close and really captures the feeling of being a Pokémon master. Decentralized collectible card games are built on blockchain technology with a game to earn mechanics, which means that players are now rewarded for their playing time. This ranking shows the top 25 collectible card game streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

Digimon fans have been waiting for decades for the release of a collectible card game that will allow them to take control of their favorite digital monsters from the critically acclaimed TV series. Recently, their wait ended with the official release of the first set of the new Digimon card game in North America. Slay the Spire has received a lot of positive attention thanks to roguelike elements that have merged with card-based deck building mechanics. The end result was a truly engaging RPG-style turn-based combat system that gave players plenty of customization options and strategies to better tackle the challenging scale of enemies and bosses in the game.

And unfortunately, it feels like the Yu-Gi-Oh CCG has become a bit outdated for us. So we dived deep to find some of the other fantastic trading card games the market has to offer. Some are video games, others are purely physical, and a few are both. But these are all card games with a fairly large number of followers and intensely complex mechanics. So, if you’re looking for another game to play that doesn’t require a duel disc or the five parts of Exodia, then we’ve got you covered.

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